Maiden with High Sire/Dam Score

Yet another example of a maiden race with little form to go at. This time in the Newmarket 4.10 today. As you can see; one run amongst the lot of them and, therefore, no form data to go on. But let’s look at the Koulds Score which is derived from our Sire/Dam data and there’s… Read More »

1000 Guineas: Newmarket 3.35

Today we have a horse that I have backed. It’s the top rated FAIR EVA as it looks good and is, most importantly, good value. The ratings have it as value at 11/4 and this morning was available at 6/1 and drifted out to 15/2 and 8/1 but has more or less settled there. At… Read More »

CSV Results: April 2016

The Results for April 2017, in a handy CSV format file, is now ready for download from the Archive server. As ever, please log in to the members’ area first before entering the archives. Thank you.

Newmarket 3.35 – 2000 Guineas

There`s nothing that really stands out at the top of the ratings that looks good on the price though looking down the ratings one does look interesting and is available at 30 on Betfair: LANCASTER BOMBER. I understand that it may be a pace maker for Churchill (both O`Brien`s yard) but there is still a… Read More »

Weight Differential: A Speedy Look

Now that the data for the Weight Differentials has been fixed it was a good opportunity to run the Data Analysis Tool (DA Tool, or DAT) to see what it could come up with. As a quick reminder the Differentials are looking at today’s weight that the horse carries and compares it to the average… Read More »

2009 CSV Results: Updated

The CSV results for 2009 have also been updated as there was an error calculating the Weight Differentials for the February of that year. The whole set of the Weight Differentials are not looking correct and some preliminary runs via the DA Tool are now starting to look rather interesting. More news on these runs… Read More »

Results Archives: 2013-15

A error in the calculation of the Weight Differentials in the historical archives have meant that I have had to recalculate the weight differentials for every runner in the three years from 2013 to 2015. The data files have been uploaded to the Archives and anyone running the DA Tool or their own analysis applications… Read More »

30th April, 2017

Nothing has been posted for a while due to one thing or another, including looking at a new project for investigation and some fixes to the back-history of the data (more details in the post after this one). Anyway, there are a few that I like the look of today. Salisbury 2.00 Eula Varner Salisbury… Read More »

25th April, 2017

I missed out yesterday’s Portfolio posting but here’s eight which are worth looking at today. Ludlow 2.35 Henllan Harri (non-runner)Ludlow 3.05 Leith Hill LadHexham 4.00 I Know The CodeYarmouth 4.25 Used To BeHexham 4.30 ArdeaBrighton 5.50 LyfkaWolverhampton 7.05 Percys PrincessPunchestown 7.15 Cornelius Sulla Currently we’re standing at 1 winner from 2 selections and showing a… Read More »

23rd April, 2017

This is the first of an occasional series where a small number of selections are posted each day on the blog. These are generally horses in or around the top of the ratings and do show an overall profit. Of course, the trick is to get the best price available as it’s all about price.… Read More »