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A Forum Discussion on Value

Some days an interesting discussion pops up on the forum seemingly out of nowhere. I hope that the gentlefolk don’t mind my posting the messages because not only are they interesting but having them on the blog means that they can be found again for future reference. So, without further ado here’s Patrick’s first post… Read More »

Ancient Sands – Listowel 3.30 33/1

Pete’s selections have been continuing in their usual positive trend. Here are the results of his selections to the prices obtained at the time of posting. Wins: 425 Runs: 3,462. Strike Rate: 12.3%. Profit: 637.91. ROI: 18.4%. (from 3rd March – 25th May) It’s generally well known that Pete’s selections, which are purely based upon… Read More »

Why So Many Bets?

Article from Rob’s selections, which he kindly posts each day on the forum, by mid-May 2018 had returned the following: Bets: 2,938 Wins: 369 Strike Rate: 12.6% Profit: 511.28 ROI: 17.4% These are very impressive indeed and these prices were available when Rob chalks them up each evening after he places his bets. What… Read More »

Rob’s Selections: Results to end of April 2018

Rob’s selections, those which are posted daily on the forum, are doing tremendously. The results for two months (i.e. 2nd March to 30th April, inclusive) show the following returns on prices obtained. Winners/Bets: 287 / 2,221. Strike Rate: 12.9%. Profit: 485.46. Almost five hundred points in two months is simply astonishing. But this is what… Read More »

Rob’s Selections – 28th April 2018

Yesterday Rob had a bit of a corking day with his selections. This below was an image that I received of his winners. This, then brings up Rob’s profit somewhere in the region of 450 points in the last two months and, again, shows the power of value betting with a good price tissue that… Read More »

Value Selections Page Created

I have just added a new page to the Members’ Area which gives the full list of possible horses which qualify for the VOP14% method. The list of horses are all the possible horses that could be selected. But, the actual selections all depend upon one thing: the price. Therefore, it is possible that two… Read More »