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Ffos Las 5.00

I had a sort-of wish-washy is-it-or-isn’t-it Blindingly Obvious selection, Welsh Designe, in the Ffos Las 5.00. However, my dilemma as to whether it was a good selection or not has been resolved by it not running. So nothing doing on this front today. Yesterday was topped off nicely by the top rated Steelyeyed in the… Read More »

Kempton 4.15

There were, over the course of the day, a high number of Blindingly Obvious selections. Some days there may be one, sometimes two but maybe often no selections at all. Today there were six! As ever all were in handicaps and this is one of the six and it gave up two selections. The two… Read More »

Fairyhouse 5.10

Having been out all day running errands I was unable to look at the ratings until the close of play today. At least doing so I could sit down and go through the ratings and do some paper trading to see how I would have fared manually. Now, some of you may scream that I… Read More »

Blindingly Obvious

Yesterday’s post, concerning the 4.20 race at Wetherby, is what we have described on the site as a "Blindingly Obvious" selection. More information on these are given here in this article. Please be aware that when one is reading the article that the Differentials are the Five Year Differentials. When the article was written the… Read More »

31st March: 4.20 Wetherby

Today there’s been little in the way of anything interesting in the results. There’s the usual range of horses winning at various low prices, one winning at an incredibly low 1/40 on (a hefty Rule-4 may have been a significant factor with this one) and then there’s one horse, Suggestion, which won at 16/1 in… Read More »