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Limerick 4.20

This is how the ratings looked for this race today over at Limerick. On the forum this morning I posted the following. The only one that I like as a manual selection is BALLEA FOX in the 4.20 Limerick. This is mostly down to the price and the decent class figure and the better than… Read More »

14th November – Lingfield 3.50

Today there was another selection which stood out as a Blindingly Obvious Selection. This was the 3.50 at Lingfield and it rather much stood out and, therefore, was easy to spot. Looking at all of the Differential Pairs (5 Year, 1 Year and One Race) only one horse had positive values across all six columns:… Read More »

12th November – FFos Las 4.10

This is after the event, I know, but the point again is to share what I am looking at and this is another which is almost a Blindingly Obvious Selection but one that’s not quite so obvious. It takes place in the last race, the 4.10 at FFos Las and here’s the ratings summary sheet… Read More »

2.00 Worcester – Two Selections

This was something which came from a series of posts on the forum this morning. It involves the 2.00 Worcester. First of all, there is a Blindingly Obvious Selection here; The Land Agent which is second rated, cracking value (it went off at 33/1 and over 100s on the exchanges). The reason for The Land… Read More »


What was nearly one of Wit`s b-c-dd-e selections was the second rated in the FFos Las 5.00 race. Bazooka was only just behind the top rated and would have been one of Wit`s selections if one of the four columns (b-c-dd-e) wasn`t a zero. Nonetheless the set of figures are overall rather good. It had… Read More »

28th August, 2017 – Ripon 2.45

Before I start, a disclaimer: I wasn’t on this one at all and it was only when I did the post-mortem for this race that something stood out concerning the winning horse. So, see this post as a form of discussion on that race and how the winner could have been spotted. First, here’s the… Read More »

Four Blindingly Obvious Selections

Last night, just before midnight, I posted the following concerning the racing today. Musselburgh 3.45 has NOVA SCOTIA as a very possible Blindingly Obvious (BO) selection. The one worry is Jonny Delta who is dropping massively in class and weight. But at over 20s on offer for New Scotland I am happy to take that.… Read More »