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14th November – Lingfield 3.50

Today there was another selection which stood out as a Blindingly Obvious Selection. This was the 3.50 at Lingfield and it rather much stood out and, therefore, was easy to spot. Looking at all of the Differential Pairs (5 Year, 1 Year and One Race) only one horse had positive values across all six columns:… Read More »

12th November – FFos Las 4.10

This is after the event, I know, but the point again is to share what I am looking at and this is another which is almost a Blindingly Obvious Selection but one that’s not quite so obvious. It takes place in the last race, the 4.10 at FFos Las and here’s the ratings summary sheet… Read More »

2.00 Worcester – Two Selections

This was something which came from a series of posts on the forum this morning. It involves the 2.00 Worcester. First of all, there is a Blindingly Obvious Selection here; The Land Agent which is second rated, cracking value (it went off at 33/1 and over 100s on the exchanges). The reason for The Land… Read More »


What was nearly one of Wit`s b-c-dd-e selections was the second rated in the FFos Las 5.00 race. Bazooka was only just behind the top rated and would have been one of Wit`s selections if one of the four columns (b-c-dd-e) wasn`t a zero. Nonetheless the set of figures are overall rather good. It had… Read More »

28th August, 2017 – Ripon 2.45

Before I start, a disclaimer: I wasn’t on this one at all and it was only when I did the post-mortem for this race that something stood out concerning the winning horse. So, see this post as a form of discussion on that race and how the winner could have been spotted. First, here’s the… Read More »

Four Blindingly Obvious Selections

Last night, just before midnight, I posted the following concerning the racing today. Musselburgh 3.45 has NOVA SCOTIA as a very possible Blindingly Obvious (BO) selection. The one worry is Jonny Delta who is dropping massively in class and weight. But at over 20s on offer for New Scotland I am happy to take that.… Read More »

Ffos Las 5.00

I had a sort-of wish-washy is-it-or-isn’t-it Blindingly Obvious selection, Welsh Designe, in the Ffos Las 5.00. However, my dilemma as to whether it was a good selection or not has been resolved by it not running. So nothing doing on this front today. Yesterday was topped off nicely by the top rated Steelyeyed in the… Read More »