Data Analysis Tool – A How To Guide – Lesson 4

By | 30th August 2018


Before we go any further into making our code, let’s look at something else.

In the Object Tree find in the Modules section the module called ‘modLink’ and double-click on it so that it looks a little like this.

In the code window you will see that there’s a procedure called ‘CreateClassLink()’. This can be seen in the line which is Public Sub CreateClassLink()

Don’t worry about what this means at the moment other than it’s a procedure, or a subroutine, that’s called CreateClassLink().

All we need to do is to look through this routine and the first thing that should strike you is that all of the lines, bar one, are commented out. This is our DA Tool ‘switchboard’.

If you look at each of the rows then a common pattern ought to appear. First of all there’s an assignment which is putting something into oReport. Secondly, look at the names of the items that each row is involved with and compare these to the Object Tree on the left: these are the same names.

The one that isn’t commented out is the one that instantiates our code for Lesson 01.

So, all I want you to do now is to comment out the line at the top of the function and then, at random, choose another line in the procedure, remove the apostrophe that makes it a comment and then run the DA Tool.

After the DA Tool has finished its run, the next task is to locate the class of the one that you’ve uncommented in the Object Tree (double-click on it so that the code of that class appears in the code window) and then see if you can get an idea of what is going on in there: which columns’ values are being collected and how is this data being tested.

It doesn’t matter if you’re getting stuck with this last bit so do fire a question or two, if you feel you need, into the Discussion Group.