25th April 2018

By | 25th April 2018

The day isn’t done yet but I can’t be anything but end the day in profit and it’s not even five o’clock.

This morning I posted my selections on the forum, these selections were the ones based upon My Selection Method.

Perth        1.30    Lovely Schtuff
Catterick    1.50    Dapper Man         WON 6/1 (backed at 7.4)
Epsom        2.10    Shamshon
Catterick    3.00    Club Tropicana     (non-runner)
Perth        3.10    Allysson Monterg   WON 3/1  (backed at 6.6)
Epsom        3.20    Berrahri
Epsom        3.20    Lorelina
Catterick    3.30    Snookered
Punchestown  3.40    Icantsay
Perth        3.45    Sporting Milan
Epsom        3.55    Contango
Punchestown  4.20    Good Thyne Tara
Catterick    4.35    Seen The Lyte      WON 16/1 (backed at 30.5)
Epsom        5.00    Delsheer           (not yet run)
Catterick    5.10    Sans Souci Bay     (not yet run)
Punchestown  5.30    Bellshill          (not yet run)
Lingfield    5.55    Compton Abbey      (not yet run)
Taunton      6.45    Lady Longshot      (not yet run)
Taunton      7.10    Tir Dubh           (not yet run)
Taunton      7.10    Double Accord      (not yet run)
Lingfield    7.55    Epsom Secret       (not yet run)

Two of these winners were top rated.

Catterick 4.35

Perth 3.10