Rob’s Selections – 22nd April 2018

By | 23rd April 2018

On the UK Horse Racing forum, Rob has been posting his selections each day for a while now.

Rob has been making a good number of selections directly from the UKHR Ratings and, each day, has been sharing them on the forum.

The principles of Rob’s selections have been Value Betting.

The 22nd was an odd day. A good number of selections but, strangely, even though a mass of horses came in second there were no winners? But what does this mean for those following his value selections?

Well, even after a day of no winners his results are as follows.

Results from the 2nd of March to the 22nd April

Selections: 1815
Winners: 230
Strike Rate: 12.7%
Profit: 299.16
ROI: 116.3%

In less than two months a shade under three hundred points were made.

Another example as to why Value Betting is the only true way to make any long term headway – as long as one has a good set of ratings at one’s side.