Sire/Dam Calculations

By | 6th April 2018

One of the things that we’re always doing is to improve the sire/dam statistics on the website and over the course of time we’d lost track of how much data we process.

Here’s an example. On the fourth of April, 2018, there were four meetings scheduled. Not all survived the abandonments, but the data had to be processed anyway.

So, imagine all of the horses declared for these four meetings. Then consider each of these horses will have a sire and a dam. Then think about all of the offspring of these sires and dams and then, further, consider how many runs these offspring will have had.

Quite a few, one would expect. I put this question out on the forum as a matter of interest because the number did surprise me.

A number of people gave what they thought would be the likely number number of races run by the siblings of today’s runners. The numbers proposed ranged from 40,000 to ten million.

Here is the tail end of the log file for that date.

Tail-end of the sire/dam log file

Yes, in a normal day’s racing with just four meetings there were 986,162 such runs.

I think that this just goes to show how much data is being crunched for the Sire/Dam. There is already a lot of information generated for the Sire/Dam aspects of the racing and with this amount of data perhaps we ought to look into this data for new angles in the months ahead.

For more information on what’s already gathered with the Sire/Dam statistics, please look here