Value Betting Summary, January 2017

By | 1st February 2018

This post is based on the following message on the forum.

One of the long term correspondents, Mark, has been posting value bets each day on the forum. These are the results since he started to follow these and the returns are based on the price of the winners that he managed to obtain.

Runs: 22,580
Wins: 2,539
Profit: + 2,238.2
Strike Rate: 11.2%
Return On Investment: 9.9%
Maximum Drawdown: 226.5
Profit Points: 464

Details on what constitutes Drawdown and Profit Points can be read here in this article.

As with all forms of value betting there are inevitable peaks and troughs, but if one has a wide enough bank, by this I mean a large number of points in the bank such as 200, then the down periods be ridden through.

What is interesting to note is that the overall profit is ten times the deepest drawdown.

Breaking these figures down into months we can see this:

Screenshot of Forum Posting

For more information on how I tackle Value Betting please read “Malcolm’s Method”.