Value Betting – December 2017

By | 1st January 2018

On the site I have written an article about Value Betting, which I have replicated below.

This is something that we strongly believe in because, at the end of the day, getting good value is what it is all about.

Mark posts daily on the forum his value selections and the process of his selection is the same as mine: those horses which are well rated in the UKHR Ratings and are available at a better price than the value, or tissue, price.

Mark has just released the results for December for these selections:

77 wins from 496 bets
Profit: +154.23
Profit Points: 34
Highest Draw Down: 31

The profit figure was from prices obtained at the time of placing the bets.

Value Betting

UK Horse Racing is a highly regarded resource for those who wish to undertake what is known as Value Betting.

If one reads books written by the likes of Dave Nevison or any other professional gambler about their methods then it soon becomes apparant that the underlying theme is ‘Value Betting’.

Simply put, it’s getting on a horse to win at a better price than its calculated percentage chance suggests.

It’s like rolling a fair six-sided die. If one were offered 9/2 on a six coming up then one would be foolish to take the bet. But, on the other hand, if one were offered 11/2 on a six coming up then, rightly, there should be a queue around the block to take on what should be a 5/1 bet.

Of course, not every value bet will come off. All it means that the eventual payout will more than compensate for the losing bets.

What is important is the golden rule: if one doesn’t have a value advantage in a bet then don’t take it. No bet should ever be taken without an advantage (what is known as ‘the edge’).

I have written a little about it here in the section called Malcolm’s Method.