Form Comparison

By | 17th November 2017

A new feature to the Detailed Ratings is being developed. It’s what I call Form Comparison.

What it is is a simple at-a-glance look at the runners to see how the runners compare when judging various things. Here’s an example from today’s Cheltenham 1.50.

The list of horses in the race are listed in a table. The next to the name are pairs of two numbers; the first one shows how many of this particular criteria the horse matches and the second tells us how many of these that horse has won.

For example, the top rated has figures of 1 and 0, respectively, in the Course column. This means that this horse has run once before at this course, which is Cheltenham, and it didn’t win.

The next column is Distance and we’re looking how many times the horse, Extras, has won over this distance. The answer is over five runs over this distance (which is two miles) it’s bagged one victory.

The next column, Dist20%, is looking at a similar distance but with a 20% margin. So we’re looking at the horses’ histories of, in this case, of between just under thirteen furlongs to a little over nineteen.

Type is, of course, Race Type. As this race is a Chase then we’re looking at each horses’ chasing form.

Going is rather self-evident, however the next one, GoingAdjacent, is looking at the going which matches the current race and the ‘next’ going on either side on the scale. This is similar to the Sire/Dam statistics and it’s brought in because when the One Man, His Dog and Walking Stick go out each day to guess the going for the racing they are hopelessly inaccurate. This GoingAdjacent is to give us an idea of how the horse likes the potential going.

Race Class is simple. Today’s race is Class 116, and this column gives the form of races of class 116 and better. A horse with a low strike rate is, perhaps, one to be avoided because it won’t have enough va-va-voom to get the job done.

Lastly we have Weight. Similarly, we’re looking at previous races where the weight carried is the same, or in excess, of today’s weight.

Now, this report page isn’t finished yet. There’s room for more information and this will come over the days ahead. But, for now, it’s a start and I hope that it’s useful.