2017 Ascot Competition

By | 26th June 2017

Congratulations to Stevie for winning this year’s Ascot Competition and commiserations to Robulon for being up there as the single strongest challenger.

Further congratulations are due to those highlighted: KES, NickP and PeteH who all made a profit and whom also came higher than myself. All of these, including Rubulon, will get an extra ten days added to their accounts whilst Stevie wins a month’s worth of ratings.

I was selecting the top rated only and was pleased to have made a small profit, coming in sixth.

Entering these competitions is always a tricky affair. Does one go for the obvious winners, including the extreme odds-on entrants, does one go for value or a mixture of the two?

Thanks to everyone for entering, it’s been fun watching the results coming in and marking up the results even though MarkPor was the main scorekeeper this time – and thanks for performing that task.

I will be sorting out the prizes shortly and thanks again for taking part. I hear that there’s talk of another competition soon, so please keep an eye open for that and if you wish to take part then do drop me a line.

Well done again to Stevie. I would love to hear how you selected that 20/1 corker on the fourth day.