Southwell 7.50 – Blindingly Obvious Selection

By | 24th May 2017

Please excuse the lack of postings of late but we’re packing to move house so the blog has taken a bit of a back seat.
It was this morning when I had posted on the forum a few selections of my own and one member, Wit, pointed out that one of the three that I had posted was, in actual fact, a Blindingly Obvious Selection and was I aware of the fact?
Well, actually I wasn’t as I was up to my ears in packing boxes, bubblewrap and generally too much stuff remaining unpacked with too little time remaining; but I did have a look at the ratings and clearly this is what Wit saw.

Is there any doubt that Arboretum was a Blindingly Obvious Selection?
I already had one point on it from my own earlier selection process and I simply had to have another bite with the exchanges for a second point.
The result?

There you have it; another Blindingly Obvious Selection. When they pop up they really have to be backed, there’s no two ways about it.
Now, if you would excuse me: it’s time to get back to the packing…