Weight Differential: A Speedy Look

By | 6th May 2017

Now that the data for the Weight Differentials has been fixed it was a good opportunity to run the Data Analysis Tool (DA Tool, or DAT) to see what it could come up with.

As a quick reminder the Differentials are looking at today’s weight that the horse carries and compares it to the average weight over the past five years or one year. A horse with a positive weight differential is having a lower weight today than its average weight over that interval.

As ever with UK Horse Racing bigger is better so a positive differential figure is what we’re looking at here.

So a few runs with the DA Tool looking at races where the one year Weight Differential is positive, the Class & Differential is positive over both the one year and five year periods. Toss in a couple of other filters such as a good Speed rating and we can see something like this.

This is only the first of the interesting reports which will no doubt be made in weeks to come but there is certainly something positive about a horse falling in weight which can’t be ignored as long as the horse is falling in class at the same time too.