Fairyhouse 5.10

By | 2nd April 2017

Having been out all day running errands I was unable to look at the ratings until the close of play today. At least doing so I could sit down and go through the ratings and do some paper trading to see how I would have fared manually.
Now, some of you may scream that I am ‘after timing’ but this isn’t for two reasons; first is that anything produced after the event is for post-mortem purposes only and it’s always good to look for reasons why something should be backed or avoided. The second reason why this isn’t after-timing is that, quite simply, I wasn’t on it.
So, there I was looking for races with decent form and flipping through the Ascot meeting. Nothing. Cork. Nothing. Doncaster. Nothing. And then going through the Fairhouse ratings: nothing, nothing, nothing and, then in the 5.10 we have this for the handicap hurdle.

Look at the tables on that page (reprinted above). The Five Year Class Differentials have one horse which stands out with a massive Class Differential of 20.1. The horse`s Weight Differential is positive at 5.3. Nothing else in the five year table looks anything like that.
In the 1 Year Class Differential table the same horse has the same data. However, Simple Steps appears with a Class Differential of 18.5 which is impressive. However, the Weight Differential neutralises that with a minus twenty two.
The horse which I refer to just stands out. Its name is AA BEE SEE, wins impressively by five and a half lengths at 14/1.
This is what I call Blindingly Obvious.